Following Yahushua!

Identifying Helps & Hindrances For the Serious Believer

The Restoration is Underway!
Yahushua is Now Restoring All Things, Just as He Promised!

The final reformation, called the "restoration ('restitution') of all things" in Scripture, is now underway. The explosive growth of this reformation, like that of Martin Luther, is now taking place worldwide among those who follow Yahushua [Jesus' Hebrew name]. Unlike that of Luther, however, this reformation is occurring quietly, and is largely hidden from the religionists.

This final move of the Holy Spirit is occurring immediately prior to the Bridegroom's return; it is the return to full obedience to the commandments of Messiah, as detailed in the Torah, the Prophets, and the Writings, also called the Holy Bible.

Today many with soft and seeking hearts are now hearing the clear call to "come out of her my people." They are quietly removing themselves from the man-made religious traditions, and they are removing the abominations and stumblingblocks from their lives. They are hearing the whispers of the One in whom is all their delight, saying to them, "The Spirit and the Bride say, Come!"

Beloved, if this is your heart's desire, we urge you to take to heart the exhortations and warnings contained in the articles on this site. Above all, be as the Bereans, who searched the Scriptures, to see if these things are true.

The articles on this site are from various authors, re-blogged or otherwise shown by permission. They are selected on the basis of simple explanations of serious matters of preparation, helping the company of the wise virgins to make herself 'ready' for the Bridegroom before His return.